At 5pm Friday, it’s officially the weekend…So get after it!

Earn your weekend workout


Want to know more about these moves?!  Below are a few explanations on ones you may not have heard of before.

Plank w/ alternating leg lift:  Get down in plank position either in a pushup position or down on your forearms.  Engage your core and lift your left leg up, squeezing your glutes and holding the leg for a few seconds.  Switch legs then keep alternating until time is up.

Squat wood chops:  Holding a weight (preferably a weighted ball), squat down and take the weight across you to your left knee, as you come out of the squat to stand up, cross the weight across your body and up to the right.  Your next squat will alternate to the other side.

Lunge kicks:  Holding your hands together in front of you, lunge back with your left leg then kick it straight out and up as you come up out of the lunge.  Do one 30 second set on one leg, then another set on the other.

If you have questions about any of the others, feel free to email me!



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