The Blizzard Workout

Snowed In workout

Even if you're stuck at home, you can still get a workout in with a bodyweight circuit!  Read on for more information on these moves.

Walking Lunges:  Be sure your knee doesn't get in front of your toe - you want to bend more through the leg behind you.  Hold a weight between both hands for more difficulty.

Pushups:  Either go all out with your knees up or you can do these with your knees down.  Just be sure your hands are shoulder width apart and you are engaging your ab muscles.  A full pushup is when you lower yourself down to have your nose touch the ground, then come back up.

Russian Twists:  (This is my version and is better for anyone who has back problems and tends to tense their backs when they get tired) Lay down with your knees bent.  Holding a weight in between both hands or just bringing your hands together, come up into a "V" and bring your weight or hands side to side once, then lower yourself down.  Repeat.

Reptile Plank:  In a pushup position with your back straight, bring your left knee across underneath you and touch your right elbow.  Return to pushup position and then switch, alternating knee to elbow each time.

Tricep Dips:  Think of these as a backwards pushup.  Use a sturdy chair or table and place your palms on it, facing away from the chair or table and getting yourself into a "seated position" with your hands behind you.  Lower yourself down using your triceps, then bring yourself back up.  That's one rep.

Plie Squats:  In a squat position, open your toes outward.  You will be engaging the inside of your thighs with this move.

Lateral Burpees:  Through the jump up of the burpee, jump to the side.  Do a second burpee and then jump back to the other side.  There are no pushups in these burpees.

Bicycle Crunches:  Lay down with your hands behind your head.  Bring your left elbow to your right knee, then alternate.

Pushup & Twist to Side Plank:  As you come up out of your pushup, twist your body up, first with your left hand then alternating.

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Lori @ Foxes Love Lemons - February 5, 2014

Today, my “blizzard workout” consisted of shoveling the porch, sidewalk, driveway and cleaning off my car to take a trip across town. Then shoveling it all again when I got home 🙁 I’m exhausted! BUT, this is such a creative workout idea that I’ll keep it in my for days that involve less shoveling 🙂

    Lauren - February 5, 2014

    I hear ya! I did the workout and then decided it would be a good time to go dig out my car…bad idea! Have fun when you decide to try it though, its a tough one but goes quickly 🙂

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