How To: Pan Sear

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Pan searing meat, poutly, shellfish or fish is a great way to crisp the outside and keep the inside juicy.

What you want to be careful of is to not be distracted while this is happening because you will find there is a seriously thin line between pan seared and completely charred.

The first step is to make sure you own a pan that can withstand very high heat.  Cast iron or stainless steel are best, however a heavy nonstick will work as well.

Once you have prepared your meat, poultry, shellfish or fish, heat a pan over high heat.  To be sure the pan is hot enough, sprinkle a few droplets of water into the pan and if it sizzles away, the pan is ready.

Remove the pan from the heat and add a little olive oil to coat the pan, then transfer whatever it is your cooking to the pan and let it sit and cook on each side until it forms a brown crust.  Use a spatula to turn it over.

Once it has formed the crust or crisps to the way you want it, you can move the pan back to the heat and turn it down to medium or medium-high, cover and cook or continue sauteeing until it is cooked through.


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