Meal Delivery

  • Do you live on Cape Cod or in the Plymouth/South Shore area of Massachusetts?
  • Do you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle whether you regularly exercise, eat clean, or both?
  • Do you feel like you have no time to cook or don't know how to cook, and are sick and tired of ordering out?
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     Do you get into a food rut and eat the same thing over and over again, and now it's getting super boring?
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    Have you tried other meal delivery services only to find that the portion sizes are too little, the quality isn't great, the pricing is too high, or maybe there was something else that made you cancel?

If you've answered yes to any (or all!) of these, then let's talk about how I can make your life so much easier!

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am a foodie at heart.  I have a huge appreciation for healthy, fresh, flavorful foods.  My fitness journey has certainly taken me down the healthy food train, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring food!  

The Benefits of Creatively Delish Meals At Home

  • Meals specifically for you - I'll want to learn all about what you love to eat, what you hate to eat, what you want to eat and what you never want to see again.  Then I will customize meals to fit your exact needs.
  • Made from scratch - every single part of the meal is made from scratch, no store bought sauces, dressings, marinades or anything else can be found in a CD Meal at Home.
  • Locally grown and seasonal - I will always try to utilize local farms for ingredients whenever possible, and try to shop seasonally whenever possible, so you are getting the freshest ingredients possible.
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    Deliveries when they are convenient for you - You will have your choice of three or five meals each week, with a menu emailed to you prior, delivered when it is convenient for you.
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    Freshly prepared - meals are made no more than 24 hours prior to your delivery, and include full reheating instructions and the ingredients list, so you know exactly what you're eating. 

Creatively Delish Meals At Home can customize your deliveries based on your specific needs.  Some of the special diets I work with include:
  • Vegan/Vegetarain
  • Whole30
  • Keto
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    Macrobiotic Diets

Menus include any of the following:

  • Teriyaki Salmon or Chicken & Pineapple Skewers with Coconut Cauli"rice"
  • Vegan Chopped Chickpea Greek Salad
  • Whole30 Garlic & Parsley Shrimp & Asparagus
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    Keto Sesame Chicken & Broccoli
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    Grilled sirloin steak tip salad
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    Chicken & Carrot Stew with Spinach
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    Turkey & Farro Stuffed Peppers
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    Turkey, Beef & Spinach Meatballs in Marinara Sauce with Zoodles
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    Mediterranean Chicken with Broccoli Rabe, Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes and Olives
I can also create meals even kids will love, such as Turkey Taco Mac & Cheese, Sesame Chicken & Broccoli, Supper Nachos, and more.  

Do you need meal prep beyond just dinners?  Maybe you're looking for lunch or snack ideas to take to work?  Let's start with a phone call and I'd be happy to explore those options with you as well!

How Do I Get Started?

To begin getting fresh deliveries of weekly meals, we will first have a quick phone call to get to know each other, and I will want to learn all about your food likes and dislikes, what your food budget is, and any questions you have.  

We will then go over the different options you can chose from for weekly/monthly packages.

For more information, please send me an email at