"Meal planning and eating clean go hand in hand. You will make better food choices when everything is planned and prepped ahead of time."


Meal Planning 101

Meal planning can help you...

  • Save time and get more for your money
  • Make healthier choices
  • Prepare meals in advance (no more rushing to cook something at the end of the day!)
  • Avoid take-out and fast food

Week One

A full week
of meals for $52.98

Week Two

5 days of fruits
& veggies for $51.95

Week Three

5 dinners for $60.61,
plus leftovers for days

Week Four

Using up what's left
in the pantry

Week Five

Chicken, Steak, Penne
& more for $54.25

Week Six

Portabello, Kale,
Chicken & Chickpea plus more

Week Seven

The absolute easiest meal plan you'll ever need

8 Steps To Getting More From
The Grocery Store


Buy In Bulk

Nutrient Rich


Looking for more?

I offer one on one meal prep and planning classes individualized for each person.  Together, we will make a list, get the right ingredients, prep the food and make a plan for your week, just like I do each and every week.  Click below for a quick health consultation so I can get to know you a little better, and we can be on our way to a cooking class together very soon!