Butternut Squash Coconut Curry (V, GF)

This quick and easy butternut squash coconut curry is full of fresh veggies, greens, a creamy curry sauce made with coconut milk and chickpeas, for a comforting and filling dairy free, gluten free meal.


Butternut squash used to be known as that mushy stuff that was served in a bowl at Thanksgiving that no one but the elders ate, and I could never understand it.  Now though, after discovering the possibilities of butternut squash, it's now almost always in my shopping cart.  I'll never get why anyone ever thought serving it as a watery bowl of mushiness was a good idea, because there is nothing better than it being roasted and caramelized, pureed into sauces, added to chili and soups, or like this recipe, simmered with a seriously decadent sauce served over rice.

Tips on Purchasing Butternut Squash

This recipe is very easy to do, with very little prep involved.  The only real prep is dicing up the squash.  You have a few options here.  You can either buy the whole squash as it is or purchase it pre-chopped that someone in a factory for you, or frozen.  In my opinion, buying it whole is the freshest and best way to purchase squash.  

Squash can go bad quickly in the fridge, and almost as many times as I've brought home pre-cut squash and had it be perfectly fresh for my recipes, I've had the same amount be slimey and gross even after just sitting in the fridge for a day.  

You'll also save money buying it whole.  Look for ones that have a longer body and a smaller "bulb" at the bottom.  The bulb part is where all the seeds are, and you'll cut that out and discard it, leaving you with little squash afterwards.  The long part of the squash is where the good stuff is, and you can use every bit of it, so you get more squash to use in your curry.

You can see what I mean by the photo on the left.

Is This Butternut Squash Coconut Curry Spicy?

When people think of curries, some immediately assume it is a very spicy dish, but that is absolutely not the case!  Not all curries are created equal, some are spicier than others.  For a more mild taste, look for the yellow curry powder.  There is a touch of cayenne in this, but the amount in the recipe is just for flavor, not enough for any real spice.  You can make this spicy if you want to, by adding more cayenne and even red pepper flakes.

The creaminess from the coconut milk tones down the flavors as well, along with the chickpeas and spinach.

The Recipe

Enjoy this delicious Butternut Sqaush Coconut Curry any day of the week, or make it ahead for meal prep.  It's best served with jasmine rice, and be sure to add in your spinach right before serving, so it doesn't cook down too much.

You can CLICK HERE to print the recipe.  Enjoy!

Lauren Collins

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