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Arbonne 30 Days – Getting Started

As soon as I hit the complete payment button on my Arbonne 30 Days order, I constantly kept checking the shipping to know when it would arrive.  Now that it’s here I am so excited to get started!  The package came with all the necessary products to use over the next 30 days, and I

Detoxing Naturally

I feel like whenever I say the words “detox” or “cleanse”, it sends a shudder through my body.  That absolutely doesn’t sound enticing to me, and probably doesn’t sound great to many other people either. Detoxing doesn’t have to mean skipping or drinking your meals.  It’s really simple actually, and your body will naturally detox itself

How to Meal Prep Salads + 3 Salad Recipes

A tutorial with tips, tricks and 3 different salad recipes so you can prepare fresh, crunchy salads for the whole week ahead.  For a busy week of work, salads can be a great meal prep option.  Load them up with lots of filling vegetables and lean proteins and get creative with what goes in your

Meal Prep: A Week of Effortless Dinners

An easy guide to getting dinner on the table quickly and easily.  Download your menu, recipes, grocery list and tips to help you get through it all effortlessly.

Sample Meal Plan

Hello fellow meal planners!! To keep life easy, I have put together a meal plan for you that is summer-perfect and healthy.  No hot ovens, just fresh salads, grilled goodies and delicious sides. I know the word “healthy” means something different to everyone, but for this meal plan, healthy simply means using fresh vegetables and good sources

Make Your Home Healthier in 5 Ways

Recently I was taking a walk through my neighborhood and noticed that almost all the houses had their blinds shut using blackout shades – something that has truly boggled my mind for years. Why don’t people want to let the light in?  It’s true that everyone needs a little vitamin D in their healthy diet, so

Eat Well All Week: Chickpea Salad + Meal Prep Tips

A few years ago, I would order out for lunch every day, leading to a terrible looking bank account and a terrible feeling all over my body.   I quickly realized that something had to change, so I overhauled my whole routine and started devoting time each weekend to preparing for the week ahead.  I taught

8 Healthy Travel Tips

Hey travelers, this one is for you! Over the last few months, I have done a ton of traveling – both for work and play, and it’s not always easy to stay on track when you’re away from the comforts of home and a routine.  Whether you stay in the country or go abroad, there

Navigate the Grocery Store Like a Pro

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently with people who are struggling with the weekly chore of grocery shopping. Considering you’re walking into a store with thousands of products and so much advertising it could make your head spin, how do you know what the good versus the bad foods are?

Stay on Track This Winter

Think back to last January when you made your resolutions.  Did they stick or did you forget all about them by spring?

How to Handle Rising Food Costs

It’s getting harder and harder to grocery shop these days without breaking the bank.  It’s easy to rack up a $200 grocery bill if you’re not careful, and especially if you go multiple times a week, that cost rises without you even realizing it.  Here are my recommendations on how to stay on budget at the

No Meat for a Week: The Complete Grocery List

Save time and money this week with my one-stop grocery list to make preparing your meals more efficient.  You’ll appreciate not having to run to the store when you’re starving and ready to eat! Lauren

How To: Keep Berries Fresh

When you can find berries in bulk for a really good price you just can’t beat it.  Learn how to keep them fresh.

Juicing & Smoothies for Beginners

For anyone who is trying out the juicing/smoothie “thing”, I have put together a helpful list of what ingredients to use, their health benefits and how it will make or break your drink.