Healthy Eating BBQ Style

My love for all things BBQ started long ago with my Dad's famous Ribs.  Everyone asks for them, and I always request them - they are simply the best!  Marinated for hours then perfectly cooked on the grill, usually served with fried okra or a caprese salad.  Since my my parents live 14 hours away (South Carolina), I've had to resort to finding other BBQ places to go.  Just a few blocks up the street lies a place worthy of a Pulitzer Prize in BBQ, Smoken Joes.  Joe, from Tennesee, makes his own everything there - from the collard greens to the variety of BBQ sauces, he does it all.  Of course you can understand my conundrum for trying to keep a healthy lifestyle when walking in to this establishment, and I had to choose wisely.  Can you guess which meal below was mine?

Now mind you neither one would be ordered by Gisele, but the one on the bottom would be the correct guess.  Here is my crazy thought process in this "healthy" decision:  It's Sunday, so really I should just get over it and treat myself!  Besides, behind that massive peice of cornbread is a large half of a chicken that had been smoked and slowly roasted for hours.  With the skin removed, it still has all the great flavors minus the fat.  And those beans - well I'll chalk that up to a great source of fiber for today!  And onions, well at least they aren't frozen - nothing is frozen at Joes.  Paired with a spicy BBQ sauce, you can't go wrong.  Bottom line is - when in an establishment of this kind, your best option is just to order as little fried food as possible, and enjoy it once in a while!

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