Cape Cod Stuffed Quahogs with Chorizo

If you’re a New Englander like me, then you know a stuffed quahog when you see one.  You could pretty much go to any New England establishment that serves seafood and find one on the menu.

I’ll stop right there and just be clear, a stuffed quahog is also known as a stuffed clam, it just sounds cooler.  If you’re not from New England, you might have heard the word used in Family Guy episodes, which is where The Griffin Family lives, Quahog, Rhode Island.

But I digress…some are too dry, some don’t have enough clams in them, and some are just so darn perfect, you go there specifically to have a quahog and a drink.  So for me, when I can’t go to my favorite establishment, or I just want to have a nice meal at home, I do my own thing, and make homemade stuffed quahogs (that are wayyyyyyyyy healthier).

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Mediterranean Chicken

Today I want to share with you another super simple, quick to make recipe that is perfect for weeknights and keeps your meals clean and fresh!

This Mediterranean Chicken dish has just a few simple ingredients and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.   Continue reading

Spicy Korean Beef Bowl

There is definitely something to be said for a simple dish that requires no fussing and has a real punch of flavor.  For me, that dish is this one, a spicy Korean beef bowl.

When I want comfort food in a hurry, and I want something spicy (because lets be honest most comfort foods are absolutely not spicy), I reach for just a few simple ingredients to create this heaven in a bowl.

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Ahi Tuna Nachos with Firecracker Slaw

When your husband is a fisherman, the summer season is all about fishing.  Every. Single. Day.  The good news though is that sometimes he brings home bags and bags of freshly caught sushi grade tuna steaks, and then life is really good.  I like to think I'm pretty lucky.

The firecracker slaw is super easy to make, and if you don't love spicy foods, you'll simply omit the serano and jalepeno peppers.  Altogether, the buttery texture of simply diced raw tuna over homemade pita chips and diced creamy avocado make these Ahi Tuna Nachos with Firecracker Slaw something to be reckoned with.

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Sample Meal Plan

Hello fellow meal planners!!

To keep life easy, I have put together a meal plan for you that is summer-perfect and healthy.  No hot ovens, just fresh salads, grilled goodies and delicious sides.

I know the word "healthy" means something different to everyone, but for this meal plan, healthy simply means using fresh vegetables and good sources of protein, without processed ingredients and added sugars.

These are dinners to take you through the week, with the exception of one night which should be for fun night out.


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Mediterranean Bluefish

When most people think of bluefish, they think of the strong taste and oiliness that a bluefish typically has.  In an older recipe I had made a few years ago, I had simply marinated the fish in red wine vinegar for 30 minutes, then taken the fish and put it under the broiler to lightly caramelize the fish, and, take the fishiness out of the bluefish.  It worked beautifully, and for this recipe, I have taken it one step further and created a delicious mediterranean inspired sauce that goes deliciously with the bluefish.

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Simple 3 Bean Salad

Sometimes you need a quick side dish to go with your BBQ'd chicken, or fried fish, or for a potluck, or for just about anything.  This quick and simple 3 bean salad is so easy, using only a few ingredients, without a complicated dressing recipe, and the flavors are fresh and yummy.   Continue reading

Tautog with Creamy Tomatoes and Cornmeal Fried Okra

Whew that's a big recipe name, huh??  Well let me tell you, tautog with creamy tomatoes and cornmeal fried okra will be your new best friend this spring.  Forget slimy okra - my quick and easy pan fried technique takes the sliminess out and only leaves you with little nuggets of pure okra heaven.

This is the season for tautog on Cape Cod, and yesterday my wonderful hubby woke up at 4:30am to go work his fingers to the bone catching our meal for this evening.  Word of advice - get you a guy that can catch dinner for you.  The difference between a freshly caught fish and a store bought fish is like night and day.

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Honey Teriyaki Salmon

Roasted or grilled salmon is one of those meals that is both easy, quick and full of good healthy fats and protein.  This honey teriyaki salmon is a delicious, quick meal that you can put together on a busy night, or even make ahead and reheat the next day.  The leftovers are great as well served cold on a salad!

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